Member Story - Melissa Timperley

Lockdown for me has been a turbulent wave of emotions... some days I feel so sad, and other days I love having the time to get on top things.  For me as a Salon Owner it has been challenging to keep working and pushing the business forward – especially when all the team have been furloughed and can’t work on the business. I have opened a new online shop website (which I made myself from scratch) and got a handle on all of the paperwork that needs doing.


It has also been really important to me to keep clients engaged and informed of whats going on with weekly updates and regular hair tips and videos. I’ve done lots of tutorials which clients have been very grateful for.


There’s always two ways to look at things; and I have realised that even though we are all in the same situation, people will see (and react to) the situation differently. To my mind, we can't change what's happened - but we can change how we feel, and look for the positives.  For example, I have loved having the time to be creative again, going on online courses, making mood-boards and tuning in to watch IGTV live.

I’ve spent more quality time with my husband, who has been tremendously supportive and of great practical help and I’ve even had the time to play the piano again, which I haven't done in over 10 years. We also have a new edition to our family - a miniature sausage dog called Gregg so we’ve both loved having the extra time to bond and train him. 

I feel there will be a lot of changes when salons do reopen and I’m using the time to prepare every aspect of our salon. This includes expanding the team, decorating the salon and making sure we are taking all precautions to keep clients and staff safe at all times.

I believe that we can all become better versions of who we are; and using the lock down to work on myself has been one of the things I have been focusing on, and really valued because, after all, who motivates the motivator?

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