Member Story - Scott Musgrove

What have you been doing since lockdown?
Unfortunately lockdown came at a really bad time for me in terms of work - I was due to get the keys for my own little shop the week the country went into lockdown. I managed to put a delay on it all with the landlords, but unfortunately since then I have been informed that I have lost the premises. This, as you can imagine was a bit frustrating and annoying!  Back to the drawing board.

How have you kept motivated and inspired?
I've actually had 3 different jobs since lockdown to try and keep me busy and keep a bit of income coming in (all not quite matching upto the joys and satisfaction of hairdressing) it really does make you appreciate what you do.

Have you done anything for the first time, i.e. any new hobbies?
I've adapted and kept a good routine with my fitness which plays a big part of my life and on the hair side of things I have tried to get stuck in as much to all the amazing online education that has become readily available (i.e.  The Fellowship's Online Presentation Course with Edward Hemmings) ... its actually been hard to keep up with it all!

Anything memorable happened during lockdown?  
I got some good news... I got through the photographic entry of Wella Trend Vision. 

Anything else?
I've tried to concentrate my attention to areas of weakness in hairdressing, (bridal work) by getting stuck in to facing my fears on mannequin heads. This time next year I want to be confident enough to offer this service away from my usual, I have managed to learn a little bit of bit of Spanish online ... this has been on my to do list for a long time!!

Thanks heavens for the weather!!  @bennyhair_
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