Men’s Masters Share Skills at Fellowship Workshop

As the men’s hairdressing market continues to grow, the demand for skilled barbers and hairdressers that can work with all hair types continues to grow.

With that in mind, the first Fellowship Workshop of the year had a men’s hair focus, with a series of guest experts that specialise in cutting and styling.

The event, which took place at the Alan D Academy, was hosted by Edward Hemmings and Jaker Unger from HOB Salons.

On hand to guide the students through their model looks were special guest mentors: Richard Tucker from Ruffians, Ben Madle from Headhunters, Claudio Marini from Alan D and Rino Riccio from Manifesto.

Together, they worked closely with the students to create a finished look on models or mannequin heads, with guidance on the most appropriate techniques for cutting and finishing.

Guest mentor, Richard Tucker from Ruffians says: “There was a great energy in the room last night. Everyone wanted to be there to learn or mentor to the best of their ability.

“My three students were a joy to mentor. They showed so much interest in the craft and wanted to learn as much as they could. It was also great to chat with the other mentors and even the photographer about our experiences in the industry and with the Fellowship,” he continues.

“Not only did I feel like I was able to help others,” he concludes, “But this workshop helped me with my own confidence and teaching skills.”

Guest Experts

Edward Hemmings, Alan D
Jake Unger, HOB Salons

Richard Tucker, Ruffians
Ben Madle, Headhunters
Claudio Marini, Alan D
Rino Riccio, Manifesto
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