The 2022 team headed into London to attend their photoshoot with Robert Eaton at Iris Studios. 


Robert Eaton is a multi-award-winning stylist and the Creative Director at Russell Eaton salons.  Widely known in the industry as a true colour expert, Robert guided the team with Project Leader Paul Dennison on the team’s photoshoot, with photographer Richard Miles.


International award-winning photographer, Richard Miles is a forward thinking, motivated and creative photographer. His unique attention to detail allows him to produce distinctive photographic results.


Andrew Feve comments: “We had a great time with Robert yesterday getting hands on with the shoot. Robert Eaton and Richard Miles are amazing at what they do, so it was fascinating to watch them work together. They gave us brilliant tips & tricks for shooting, ones I won’t forget!”


Callum Iqbal comments: “The day was absolutely amazing.  We as a team had so much fun together, discussing ideas and placement for certain colours. Robert was a really helpful and insightful mentor on the day, really helped so share and combine all our visions together for this shoot.”

April Mash added: "Our Project Colour photoshoot was such a fun & exciting day! As our third day of the year it was an amazing experience to get to shoot together and create a collection with Robert Eaton! After our team day with Robert in February it was great to bring our visions to life & himself and Paul made it such a chilled, relaxing atmosphere which made it super enjoyable! We all worked really well as a team and the effort really paid off, I can't wait to see our final images and what we can achieve with them!"


PROJECT: Team Leader: Paul Dennison

PROJECT: Team Members:

Luke Logan – Strand & Lock Aveda

Luke Tyrrell – Headmasters Mayfair Salon

Callum Iqbal – Brendan O’Sullivan Har & Beauty

Andrew Feve – ANTI.dote

Kayleigh Byrne – Tribe Salons

Sophia Martin – Amaryllis Salon

Louise Munro – Alice & The Hair

April Mash – Strangeways

James Holroyd – Yoke the Salon

Kate McLaughlin – Sarai Hair & Beauty

Sophie Perfect – GFC Hairdressing

Ella Gray – Aurora Hair Salon


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