Tariq Howes is a multi-award-winning male hair stylist with over 15 year’s experience and is the owner of Avenue Male Grooming in Ely, Cardiff.  He is renowned for his work with afro hair but coming from a mixed background of Welsh, Egyptian, Somali and Jamaican has inspired him to be diverse in all hair types and textures.


The team met up at Electric Space in London, where Tariq took the team through the different techniques when working with Afro hair.


Tammy Reynolds comments: “I loved this session with Tariq and his afro hair class. He gave so many little tips that you wouldn't necessarily be aware of, but they could definitely make or break your ability to do afro barbering.”


Jacob Banfield comments: “The best bit about this session was understanding more about afro hair. When you are trained in women’s hair traditionally it's something you don't know a great deal about and getting an insight into that from someone that specialises in it was fantastic.”


Paulina Stochmialek comments: “Tariq is at the top of his game really, so just being able to develop my techniques further with his help was the best thing about today.  As well as, widening my knowledge of afro hair and seeing different techniques.”


George Smith: “I loved today, it gave us a really good insight on how to dive into afro hair and how to be really confident with it. It's given me the push to get some models and give it a go myself.”


Kim Nicole-Jones added: “I enjoyed learning how to cut afro hair, something that I've never done before and I feel like I've benefitted loads from today.”


Darren Smith: “Really good basic insight into fading afro hair and it's something I've not done before so it's great to see the basics as well as just a little bit more intricacy as well. A really good day.”


Vicky Morwood added: “My big takeaway from today is going against the grain when clippering and how to do a shape up, I didn't know anything about doing afro hair until today.”


PROJECT: MEN LEADER:  Jonathan Andrew

PROJECT: Men Team Members

Tammy Reynolds – Tammy Reynolds for Hair (Team Reporter)

Tristrum Curling - Sir & Co Barbers

Darren Smith - Review Hairdressing

Paulina Stochmialek – RPB, Manchester

George Smith - Smith England

Kenneth McLeod – My Two

Jodie Wheeler - Beepers Hair Salon

Vicky Morwood – The Bank Hairdressing

Kim Nicole Jones

Jacob Banfield – Renaissance Salon



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