Project X discover Avant Garde with Ashleigh Hodges, 5.2.18

The team were ready to release their creativity and run wild with their ideas under the guidance of Ashleigh, refreshed by the idea of working on something so different to your average salon work. Ashleigh talked them through the foundations of Avant Garde techniques and how to secure hair ups and hair pieces, before an ‘arts and crafts’ session where the team made their own hair pieces and had a lot of fun modelling each other’s work.

“I asked the team to all make a mood board each about something outside of the hair industry that inspires them,” says Ashleigh, “and then to translate this into a hair piece. They all did an amazing job!”

Team member Katie Hassall from HAIRHAUS says, “I tried to emulate a disco ball with neon hair pieces and UV lights. We sat on the floor like children, playing and sculpting away! It was fantastic. It was so great to be able to work creatively with hair away from the salon where these techniques are obviously not possible!”

Ashleigh also taught the team how to work bulk hair into hair masks by layering fine pieces of hair, spraying them with hairspray and then drying them using a diffuser.

“Ashleigh is so inspiring, with an extremely imaginative mind. It was great to get stuck in and make our own hair pieces – once the workshop was over all I wanted to do was go home and carry on playing around with hair! From start to finish, the day was excellent. Thank you, Ashleigh!” says team member Sarah Rosesli from Bloggs Salon.

Photos: Alice North 



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