Palmer & Co International is a group of like-minded hair educators who have gained years of experience working with the best throughout the world.  Their education concept called the Method, blends together the discipline of precision cutting with natural ergonomic form.  Their education focuses on finding their students strengths and weaknesses so they can guide them to the right direction to achieve their full potentials.


Dove Palmer is the Creative Director, in 2019 he started Palmer & Co with his team (Directors of Education Great Maroino & Tamas Megyeri).


Dove comments: “This concept does not want to change the way you work with hair, but to give you the understanding to develop yourself when we are not with you”.

Tamas adds: “My goal is to blend all the different aspects of cutting hair to create the ultimate method”.


The PROJECT: X team started the session with a webinar in the morning where Dove & Tamas went through the techniques, tips & inspiration.  In the afternoon, it was all about the team cutting and the method.


“Dove Palmer cutting education day was outstanding.  Says team member Kay Binnersley: “I was very excited and nervous before the day.  No need Dove and Tomas where so relaxed in their approach. The information tips tricks and knowledge we were given was jaw dropping I was mesmerised by them. Cutting is definitely not my strong point I have created my own barrier to it but Dove started to push at my barrier and I truly feel I could push myself and not be afraid to move my cutting to a new and creative level. I am super excited to start this journey, I struggle to see the shape but it was broken down into many stages which could create a road map that you then put your own soul of creativity into. What an amazing day. Thank you to Dove Palmer, The Fellowship, the Project: X team and Sam our team mentor.”  


Sophie Titchener, agreed adding: “The session was amazing! Learnt so much and was completely mind blown, I would absolutely love to do another day with Palmer & Company.”

“Loved the day with Palmer & Co! Learnt so much & I’ve been hairdressing 9 years!” team member, team member Reina Boddy comments. “Always room to improve on your skills. Learnt so much about posture & core cutting techniques, I really felt like I was learning cutting for the first time. The webinar was set out so well & very easy to follow. For the practical I gave it a good go!!! Hard doing it via zoom but we all made the most of it & learnt so much. I’ve never done such an advanced haircut in all my life!!” 


“Our day with Dove and Tamas was great, I learnt so much in one day. A lot of it I wish I’d learnt years ago and I’m certain it will change the way I cut hair forever.” Team member Lea Shaw added: “The mix of demos and practical worked well, it’s definitely one of the most challenging courses I’ve ever been on but was totally worth it in the end. I loved the techniques and technical theory we all learnt, there was so much info to take in I need to re-watch it a few times!  Thanks to Palmer and Company, Sammy and the Fellowship for organising an outstanding mentorship day.”


“Our session with Palmer & Co was definitely one to remember, I was in awe all day!  It was simply 11 hours worth of inspiring, mesmerising information & guidance. Final words from team member April Mash:  “The day could not have been more thoroughly planned for a course that had to be presented over zoom in these uncertain times! The time and effort that was taken into the day made it so exciting for us & we achieved so much whilst learning from home! For someone like myself who lacks confidence in cutting and hasn’t had too much experience in procession or creative cutting, I definitely learnt many tips to work on and take back into the salon to help myself improve in my weaker areas as a stylist! It has given me a huge insight into what the cutting world involves & id definitely be interested in their courses after lockdown!”

"What an incredible day of mentoring the team received from Palmer & Company." Sam Burnett, PROJECT: X Team Leader concluded: "Dove & Tamas delivered a packed out day of bespoke high energy education including in-depth lectures, demos and a hands on step by step workshop. The team really stepped out of their comfort zones, rose to the challenge and fully emersed themselves in the day, resulting in some incredible finished looks. We have kicked of the year as we mean to go on, with world class education, focused goals and lots of energy and passion to learn and grow."


PROJECT: X Team Leader:                      Sam Burnett

PROJECT: X Team Members:


Roisin Murphy - K H Hair

Sophie Titchener - Sarai Hair & Beauty

Lea Shaw - Rural Fringe Hair Salon

Cc McNamee - Andrew Smith Salons Fareham

Pamela Cooney - Toni & Guy, Cannon Street

April Mash - Strangeways

Emma Simmons - Salon 54

Nicola Hamm - Escape Hair Lounge

Thomas Worth - Tint

Arif Arikan - Alice and the Hair

Reina Boddy - Joseph Ferraro Hair

Kay Binnersley - Kay Binnersley Hair


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