Debbie Gee a major name in the hair industry and together with her partner Billi Currie, run an award-winning boutique salon in Marylebone, London.  Education is Debbie Gee’s passion and today it was all about the art of presenting and stage prescence.


Idalina Domingos comments: “I had the best day with Debbie Gee! It was emotionally exhausting but we all really came together as a team to support each other. Debbie has given us some really important coaching not just for hairdressing but for life!”


Lauren Grace comments: “We got to spend Monday with Debbie G who taught us about all things presenting! I’ve never done any sort of presentation training before so I went into the session with an open mind. The whole day was just amazing Debbie is such a lovely mentor and you could tell she genuinely wanted to help us all. I’ve learnt so much from her that I will definitely practice and use in all aspects of hair.  One of my favourite parts about Monday is that it brought us all closer as a team, I feel as if the team are so understanding & supportive and everyone genuinely wants the best for each other.”



PROJECT: X Team Leader:                      Sam Burnett

PROJECT: X Team Members:


Tanahya Nash – Bebop

Sian Roscoe – Sian Roscoe Hair

Edd Moss – Headmasters

Miles Twist – Architect Hair

Justine Weir – Tweedie & Marshall Hairdressing

Christopher Donohue – Billi Currie

Lauren Oram – Matthew Curtis Hair

Cameron Willetts – Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing

Sam Arnold – Strangeways

Kenneth McLeod – My Two

Lee Patrick Devlin – Blue Tit

Idalina Domingos – DK UK


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