Rino Riccio, Men's Hair Specialist inspires ClubStar Art Team!

Rino Riccio, Men’s Hair Specialist and Head of Education at Manifesto, treated the ClubStar Art Team to both a cutting tutorial and insights into techniques and his success.  Inviting the team to ask questions throughout the session.


Rino started by telling the team a little about himself.  Originally from Italy he moved to London 7 years ago.  Started hairdressing when he was 12, from a family of hairdressers.  “I couldn’t see myself in the salon full-time, my inspiration was to compete and educate”.


“The haircut I want to show you today, is a 90’s look.  Combining 3 different shapes / techniques all together.  Graduation, layers and line.  These all work in a completely different way”.


Rino shared his collection and how to create character hairstyles depending on the suitability of the model.  The trend is now on the emphasis on creating a character rather than making pretty.  “Pretty beauty, sometime can be boring, character is cool!”


Josie Simmons from Electric Hair, commented: “Today’s session with Rino Riccio was so inspiring.  A key takeaway for me was to gain confidence in all techniques and to invest my time into learning anything that may, at first, seem intimidating.  I’ve learnt a new way to approach men’s hairdressing and I’m really excited to apply it!”


Jack Anthony from Sutherland & Barnett added: “The session with Rino was so inspiring! It was interesting to see his collections as well as watch his cutting tutorial. I definitely took away from the session, that when working editorially it’s sometimes best to work visual rather than by old school techniques.”


Darcey Clarke from Ashley Gamble concluded: “The thing I loved most about the session was that Rino broke down that in order to be successful at both men’s and women’s hair you need to break down the barrier of 'gender naming.  Each skill as in order to be confident in both sides of hairdressing you use the same techniques in women's hair as you do in men's hair just with some adaptations.”


ClubStar Art Team Project Leader:                  Karoliina Saunders


ClubStar Art Team Members:


Darcey Clarke, Ashley Gamble

Sam Arnold, Strangeways

Jack Anthony, Sutherland & Barnett

Ella Gray.Timba

Andrew Plester, Hare and Bone

Lee Patrick Devlin, Paul Watts Hair

Emy Roccabella, Danilo Hair Boutique

Lizzie Williams, Gatsby & Miller

Josie Simmons, Electric Hair

Cameron Willetts, Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing


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