The Fellowship supports this campaign and urges salons to download the social templates and follow the 6 step guide at  The following is a release about the campaign from Save Our Salons.


"SAVE OUR SALONS provides salon owners with everything they need to find and write to their MP and lobby for this important tax cut.


At SAVEOURSALONS.CO.UK you’ll find a directory of MPs with their full contact details – choose the MPs in areas where you have salons. Download the template letter that sets out the argument for the VAT cut and customise it with your salon details. Then email and post the letter to your MP and share your letter on your social channels.


Hairdressing is one of the most heavily taxed industries on the high street, with around one-third of every £1 coming through the tills ending up being paid in tax. Most salons trade at between 3% and 5% profit (or £3 to £5 for every £100). For every £100 of revenue, a reduction in VAT to 5% would add £12 to salon takings – a lifesaver for all VAT-paying salons.


In a recent survey of 5,00022 salons, 62% were unsure if their businesses would survive past the end of the financial year.  It was further reported that 18% were sure they would close. The consequent social poverty for those who work within them, in particular women, will be a huge social casualty, with many having to fall back on benefits. 88.6%33 of this sector’s workforce are female.

SAVE OUR SALONS is the next stage in the #ChopTheVAT campaign launched in 2020 by the beauty director at The Telegraph, Sonia Haria alongside professional trade bodies, It provides an opportunity for salon owners to unite behind the cause by engaging in positive direct action.


Prior to Coronavirus,  hairdressing and beauty industry was a strong and growing industry, generating £9.2bn annually44 and employing 288,16044. Now, the majority of hair and beauty professionals are struggling to recoup their losses from lockdowns, implementing social distancing measures and the costs of increased PPE. By the end of March 2021, the sector will have been closed for a minimum of 240 days, yet has not received any additional financial support, such as those gifted to the arts, the sports sector, leisure or hospitality. Financial help to salons and professionals during this difficult time will be the only way to ensure that hairdressing can return to where it was at the beginning of 2020.


Go to and follow the six simple steps to campaign for what is fair and right for UK hairdressing."


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22 National Hair and Beauty Federation - Survey 2nd Dec 2020

33 Economic Impact Assessment - Hair and Barber Council - May 2019

44 British Beauty Council - Office for National Statistics - March 2020


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