Sylvestre Finold Inspires F.A.M.E. Team

Multi award-winning avant-garde hairdresser, Sylvestre Finold, was the latest mentor to lend his expertise to the 2020 F.A.M.E. Team, on an inspirational mentoring day.

Sylvestre, who is a former winner of Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year at HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards, spent the day showcasing his techniques and inspirations to the team – providing unparalleled access to the world of a true creative.

Over the course of the morning, Sylvestre showcased three looks, breaking them down from foundations through to the intricate details which make his work stand out from the crowd and retain a beautiful, high-fashion finish while showcasing technical skill.

The day was deeply inspirational for the team, who are now approaching avant garde with a new relish.

“As someone passionate about avant garde but unsure in the approach, I gained real confidence in building solid foundations to support my vision,” says team member Brandon Messinger. “I’m seriously thinking about creating an avant garde British Hairdressing Awards entry now. I feel confident and inspired and cannot thank Sylvestre, Jamie or the Fellowship enough for these incredible opportunities.”

Casey Coleman was similarly inspired, adding: “Sylvestre taught me a new way to approach avant garde. He spends anything from months to a year creating his award-winning pieces. As well as teaching us the construction, he also taught us how to appreciate the journey of creating a piece, and how much thought and effort goes into it. My whole approach to creative hair work will change after this. Watching Sylvestre work is incredible, and it really makes you want to be better, put more effort in, and even approach creative projects with a clearer mind set. Jamie has blown us away already with our first big day with an industry figurehead, so I’m well excited for the rest of the year!”


Guest Mentor

Sylvestre Finold


Team Leader

Jamie Stevens

2020 F.A.M.E. Team


Casey Coleman, Chair Salons

Jose Domene, Hare and Bone

Brooke Evans, Brooke Evans

Brandon Messinger, David Rae Salons, Orpington
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