Thank you Fellowship!

My name is Roman and I am a stylist with Trevor Sorbie.

It has been a uniquely challenging year and I am grateful to The Fellowship for their continued work during the pandemic and, in particular, during my periods of furlough.

In the past, I have been fortunate to have presented, as well as attended at Salon International and Hair & Vision, whilst benefiting from attending several of the Fellowship Workshops.  Like a lot of people reading this I have really missed participating and watching these incredible shows.

But even with the pandemic turning everyone’s life upside down and causing such worry and pain for many personally and professionally, The Fellowship continues to celebrate the beautiful imagery of stylists whilst investing time to produce ‘The Knowledge’.  I have particularly enjoyed the Avant Garde video which reminded me of the importance of perfecting classical styling skills which acts as a foundation to build on. Learning ‘to walk before I can run’.

The ‘Life Stories’ videos on THE KNOWLEDGE have been very interesting. When I listened to these highly accomplished professionals and their journeys to the top, it was reassuring to hear that no journey was straightforward and each one had to work hard, take risks and make sacrifices. I really loved watching these interviews.

The Fellowship has always been a great source of inspiration and encouragement for young professionals like me, with or without a global pandemic. But especially in the last year being someone who ‘misses hair’, it has provided so many opportunities and definitely made it that bit easier,

Thank you The Fellowship


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