The Hairdressers' Charity #InTheirWords Campaign Launches

Recognisable faces from throughout the industry have come together to create a series of short films telling real life stories of whose who benefit from the support the charity provides.

"Although the charity has been established since 1853, there are still people within our industry who don't understand what we do as a charity and how we help those in need," explains Philip Sharp, co-President of The Hairdressers' Chairty. 

"This campaign helps to explain what we do, and how the money we reaise is supporting thsoe urgently in need of our help.  Most of us will never need the held opf the charity, but there's a growing demand and the charity is needed now more than ever.  We really hope that this campaign will gather momentum across social media and the great work that the charity undertakes becomes more wel known," continues Samantha Grocutt, co-President of The Hairdressers' Charity.

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