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Sarah Spiers

Self employed hairdresser and Hair education company Director and Owner Chaulk Ltd


I have recently made a new home for my hairdressing clients and for my education on the south coast. Helping me to move away from the online courses that happened over lockdown to more personal one to one training or small group training, in person. This studio has amazing natural light and enough space to share my courses.

Still keeping with my brand neutral theme, I have however an affiliation with the brand FFOR, this is strictly for use on Chaulk Mentor program. This is an apprentice mentor program that runs alongside the NVQ filling in the gaps that can be left out by our colleges and is for apprentices or anyone wanting to know a little more about the science of hair colour. It is subscription based and runs for a year. It has a module format with lessons in each module, some demo's, some presentations that are more about the science, with loads of information needed to refresh or empower confidence when starting to work or returning to the salon. My goal this year is to share enough hair science and hi-light techniques with as many hairdressers to instil that confidence.

Mentoring subjects

Chaulk Education is a brand neutral hair colour education company.

Leading with the foundations in hair science, to empower knowledge and confidence when approaching colour work.

Specialising in the hi-light form, Chaulk brings this traditional technique into more modern ways of application, with the idea that creating a multitude of different looks can be achieved with this one element, whether using foils or other mediums such as paddles or freehand.



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Head of Education, HOB
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