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Project X


The team travelled to the Billi Currie salon in London, to spend the day with Debbie Gee whose hairdressing career continues to take her all over the world teaching hair artists. She Art directs photo shoots & teaches presentation skills.  The Fellowship are extremely grateful for Debbie’s mentoring support with our project teams.

Joined by Darrel Starkey who is supporting the 2023 Project X team, the day was all about confidence & presentation.

Connor McIntyre comments:I thoroughly enjoyed our day with Debbie Gee, she was so inspiring and really worked on our strengths and weaknesses, throughout the day, ensuring where and when to add certain things into a presentation. I felt really good after the session and felt really confident on presenting afterwards. I look forward to using her hints and tips for our further presentations within the Fellowship. What an incredible educator!!

Shannon Jones comments:The day with Debbie Gee was amazing!! Such a fantastic opportunity as I learnt so much. I went in at the start of the day feeling pretty nervous, as presenting and speaking in front of people has never been a strong thing for me, but I finished the day feeling so much more confident! I leant that preparation is DEFINITELY key and also a good way to keep the audience attention. Also, that 'beginning, middle, end' to how you present makes your presenting skills so much better, as you have a structure and don't come across like you want to leave the stage or are unsure on what to say.

The main thing I got from the day was that it's ok to be nervous when presenting but how you come across is a big thing! Using techniques such as breathing strategies and different standing positions is a great way to appear more confident and to calm nerves!”

Cally Borg added: “My day with Debbie Gee went really well,  Debbie was absolutely ACE and I loved the location! So easy to listen to, she kept me engaged with what she was teaching (which is a miracle as I have adhd so my mind always has 100 tabs open at all times!

I felt I really bonded more with the team and I really enjoyed getting to know them, and most importantly I loved what I learnt, I actually had a bit of a light bulb moment from the feedback Debbie gave me and I have been practicing at home this week to get better at my presenting skills! Overall, it was 10/10 for me! LOVED every second!”

PROJECT X Team Leader:  Lisa Farrall    
PROJECT X Support:  Darrel Starkey

PROJECT: X Team Members:

  • Annie Franklin, Prestige
  • Shannon Jones, Heavenly Hair
  • Naomi Brooks. The Hair Sanctury
  • Connor McIntyre. The Bank Hairdressing
  • Natalia Krzewska. Perfect Hairline
  • Cally Borg
  • James Farrer, Toni&Guy, Bluewater
  • Amy Jezzard. Luke Robert Hair
  • Sarah McCulloch, Dye for Love
  • Sophie Goldsworthy, Goldsworthys
  • Claire McGowan
  • Rebecca Johnston, Melissa Timperley Salons

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