Angelo VallilloAngelo Vallillo Team Leader

Angelo Vallillo is the Project Leader for this incredible finishing school of hairdressing and we caught up with him to find out more...

My Role in The Fellowship

My role is the PROJECT: X mentor and leader, I will be inspiring and motivating the team. Collaborating with different mentors so the team can reach their own personal goals and as a team! I will show you all how great this industry and fellowship really is! 

My industry background

Hairdressing for 15 years now, in that time I have won a number of awards such as Easten Hairdresser of the year x2, Art team of the year x1, Wella trend vision x3 many more... I have also been a member of PROJECT:X.
I am one of the founders of Dna ArtSpace.  My passion for the industry is everything what you put in you get out! Passion is everything. 

What does being part of The Fellowship mean to me?

Fellowship means hairdressing excellence! The opportunities are endless, you can achieve whatever you want and the Fellowship will show you how. With my help you will be unstoppable 

Something people might not know about me...

I used to to play pro football before I was a hairdresser.


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