Project X

PROJECT X has been described as "the ultimate hairdressing finishing school". It aims to attract a broad and experienced calibre of participants from Fellowship member salons.

Courses are backed and taught by amazing names including Mark Hayes, Harriet Edgley, Debbie G, Colin Greaney, Caroline Cox and many more...and at the end of the course there is the added incentive that will help participants onto the next level in our industry, an award called the "Umberto Giannini Project X Student of the Year" is announced at the Fellowship Luncheon and Awards each year.

Kai Wan took over the reins as Project Leader at the beginning of 2017 and this year's team are currently enjoying their year of mentoring at 'hairdressing's finest finishing school'.

Project X

This years team:

Natalie Allen, Harvey Luke

Ben Brazzo, Malcom Tina Barker

Georgina Cadwallader, KJM Salons

Eloise Dudley, Francesco Group

Kelsey Franklin, Sarai Hair & Beauty

Katie Hassall, HAIRHAUS

Marlene Lamont

Kezia McDermott, Idlewide

Poonam Mehmi, Rush Hair & Beauty

Lois Negus, Maxwells

Donna O'Donoghue, Eclipse Hair

Sarah Roesli, Bloggs Salon

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