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                                       FIRS T WORD

                                                  Welcome to my first ever ‘first word’.

                                                  I have been a member of the Fellowship for 25 years, so it’s an
                                                  absolute pleasure and privilege to be your President. My goal is
                                                  to serve with creativity and imagination; something which is just
                                                  as important for me as tradition and knowledge.
                                                  The Fellowship has always been about celebrating creativity, and
                                                  it is my aim to cement ourselves as the most creative hairdressing
                                                  organisation globally; we certainly have the members to do it.
                                                  Our projects and events are also perfectly positioned to do this
                                                  and it’s no surprise that our initiatives have been looked upon and
                                                  emulated across the world. With that in mind, we must continue to
                                                  evolve and lead – and I have plenty of ideas to help us do just that.
                                                  We have a wonderful new council in place, and I’m delighted to
                                                  welcome Robert Eaton as the new Vice President. I have some great
                                                  ideas to put into practice and I’m excited to get going on this journey
                                                  for the next two years, working alongside our sponsors and members.
                                    Ken Picton,   In this rapidly-changing world, I truly believe that we as an
                                     President    organisation have the perfect opportunity to shape the future of
                                                  our wonderful industry – and that we have a social responsibility
                                                  to make sure we do exactly that. The future belongs to those who
                                                  prepare for it today, and that’s precisely what I’m planning to do
                                                  with the Fellowship.

                                                  We know we have to be current and creative, but we have to do it
                                                  with diversity and inclusion to all. I believe we showed this last month
                                                  with our statement around the venue for our Luncheon and Awards,
                                                  with regards to our show of solidarity to the human race. We showed
 EDUCATION                                        make a difference.
                                                  that we as hairdressers have a voice, and we’re willing to use it to

                                                  So thank you for trusting in me to become your President. I hope
                                                  I can use this lovely Welsh voice to help shape the Fellowship and
 IN THE PALM OF                                   our industry. Let’s be the voice of hairdressing and shape our
                                                  future together.

                                                  Thank you,
 YOUR HAND 24/7                                   Ken

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