HAIR & VISION presents 'BLONDES' sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional

Prepare for an exciting journey into the world of hair transformation as Hair & Vision proudly presents "BLONDES", a captivating event sponsored by renowned colour house, Schwarzkopf Professional
Hair & Vision
promises an evening filled with innovation, inspiration, and a celebration of hairstyling artistry. As dedicated partners in craft, Schwarzkopf Professional's support and collaboration ensure that attendees will witness the peak of creativity and technical expertise.
Tim Scott-Wright & Suzie McGill: Crafting Blonde Art

This special evening will feature Schwarzkopf Pro UK and Ireland ambassadors, Tim Scott-Wright and Suzie McGill, who will take centre stage to unveil the wonders beautiful blondes. Using the legendary BLONDME range, they will demonstrate how to celebrate and elevate the beauty of blonde hair, whether it be for salon clients, stage work or artistic collections. With their expert touch and artistic flair, they will bring blonde hair to life, revealing its boundless potential. 
Diana Carson & Archie Lam: The Artistry of the Rainbow Room

Joining this extraordinary lineup are Diana Carson and Archie Lam, esteemed members of the Rainbow Room Art Team. They will reveal their own unique interpretations of blonde looks, showcasing their artistic skill and innovation. These artists will not only display their jaw-dropping creations but also share their experiences as part of an esteemed and award-winning art team. Discover how being part of this prestigious collective has inspired their careers and ignited their creativity. 
Rick Roberts & Ashley Gamble
: Elevating Afro and Textured Hair with BLONDME

Rick Roberts and Ashley Gamble, award-winning Schwarzkopf Pro UK and Ireland ambassadors, will shine a light on their expertise in working with afro and textured hair. In an industry where diversity and inclusivity are paramount, they will demonstrate how the BLONDME range can create stunning blonde looks tailored specifically for these hair types. 
Mark your calendars for a night of creativity, passion, and innovation that will leave you inspired and amazed. Join us as we explore the limitless possibilities of blonde hair with the BLONDME range, discover the artistry within the Rainbow Room Art Team, and unlock the secrets to perfecting afro and textured hair. 
Prepare to ignite your passion for blondes and witness the magic of BLONDME with Schwarzkopf Professional. We can't wait to see you there!


The BLONDME goody bag contains 1x BLONDME Premium Lightener 9 trial kit, 1x BLONDME Shampoo 300ml and 1x BLONDME Mask 200ml.

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