2023 Winner Naomi Brooks, The Hair Sanctuary

The HAIRDOTCOM Scholarship sponsored by

is a first of its kind focused around creativity and spanning the whole cross sector of the hair industry, in the forever expanding industry in which we reside.  The opportunity to work within so many different areas has become readily available but extremely competitive.

The Hairdotcom Art Team is made up of driven, renowned and respected hair creatives working in all sectors of the hair world, offering a second to none opportunity to provide a Scholarship in creative excellence never seen before in our industry.

The lucky winner of the The Hairdotcom Scholarship will spend a year shadowing individuals from our art team to learn creativity in every aspect of the hair industry.  With one-on-one shadowing days with our team as follows:

A day working on a TV show, concert or music video with Craig Chapman.

  A day working behind the scenes of a hair show with Ashleigh Hodges

A year's Membership of The Hairdressers Social Club with Vivienne Johns.

'Be your Best' A creative mentoring session with Carolyn Newman

A 'Grass Roots' in salon day with Award Winning Salon, The Hair Bank lead by salon owners, Laura & Ria Kulik, current British North Western Hairdressers of the Year.

Exploring Creative Colour & a Social Media Day with Casey Coleman

Assisting on a Colour Education Day with Harriet Stokes

A session day on a photoshoot with Errol Douglas MBE

A day assisting Celebrity Make-up and Hair Artist  Elizabeth Rita

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