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Project Colour


The team spent their last team day with Project Leader Daniel Couch and the Fellowship President, Robert Eaton at their home salon Russell Eaton in Leeds.

Daniel and Robert showcased some of their show stopping looks focusing on technique and colour placement. Throughout the day they taught the team how to create hair styles that relate to a brief and how to “talk the look” using the right descriptive words to convey the mood and feeling of a look.

Stephanie Dwyer comments: “The Masterclass at Russel Eaton with Rob & Daniel felt very much like saving the best for last. We have built up such a strong relationship throughout the year that finishing off with our mentor was like the cherry on top of the cake. I learned about the importance of clothing in building a look. Knowing how to audience for things like BHA shoots / competition entries / campaigns for brands.  Absolutely incredible day. I loved the salon and Leeds and of course Dan & Rob.”

Allie Harknett comments: “Our session with Robert Eaton and Daniel was one of my favourite days! Going through how to create a look focusing on clothing rather than just the hair was eye opening. You never really get taught that side of collections so it’s a lesson definitely worth learning! Both Robert and Daniel work amazingly together and stepping into their space for the day was such a good experience.”

PROJECT: Team Leader:         Daniel Couch    
PROJECT: Team Members:

  • Elle Foreman, Tribe Clapham
  • Elisha Potter, Mind Hair & Soul
  • Clare Cartwright, Elysian Hair
  • Laura Kirton, Review
  • Stephanie Dwyer, Hair by Stephanie Dwyer
  • Allie Harknett, Tribe Chislehurst
  • Chelsey Stone
  • Morgan Graham, MG The Hair Specialists
  • Sean Sorensen, Headmasters Soho
  • Stephen Campbell, Hair & Co
  • Stevie Leah Loscombe, Blue Tit
  • Rosie Williams, The Hair Surgery

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