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Project Men

Nick Irwin shares his amazing career with the PROJECT: Men Team

Nick, from his studio in Brixton, started by introducing himself to the team. Nick’s work can be seen in Global Fashion magazines to International advertising campaigns.  He has a star-studded clientele and works with some of the biggest photographers in the industry.


Nick went through his work and his relationship with Hunger Magazine, his ANTI Collective and his time as the Fellowship’s F.A.M.E. Team Project Leader for 3 years.  He explained that his relationship with the Iconic Photographer Rankin and the team at Hunger Magazine is imperative in his creative thought process.


 “I want to share with you my take on where hair is at with boys. I think it’s a very blurred area, has been very dominated by barbering and I think that is a whole category in itself, and how it fits around that. “I wear a lot of different hats, but my main role that I do on a daily basis when I am working, is session work and a freelance hairstylist, working in both the fashion and beauty industry.” Nick comments.


Nick then presented a portfolio of creations, including the ANTI Collective and commented: “9 out 10 times, the detail is at the back of the hair.”


In 2017, Nick became the Fellowship’s F.A.M.E. Team Project Leader. “From day one I wanted to get the team’s brain to think differently about hair.”  Ellie Bond was on the team in 2018. Ellie was keen to work with Nick and started assisting him in 2019.  Nick comments: “Freelance work is very different from working in the salon, but Ellie soon stepped up to the challenge.”


“I joined the Fellowship in 2016, working my way up through the teams.” Ellie continues, “then onto the F.A.M.E. team in 2018.  I have a lot to thank the Fellowship for with the development of my career.  You will have such a special year with the PROJECT: Men this year.”


Nick’s advice the team was: “You only get out of the project year, by what you put into it”. 

“Today’s session with Nick was amazing what a fantastic insight into his world to see his images and getting to know the story behind them was great!” Darren Smith, Review Hairdressing enthused. “Just what was needed, definitely helped boost the passion and drive in what’s been a grey year for us all. And to hear Ellie’s insight from what it’s like going from a commercial salon to essentially creating a brand of her own with so much passion makes it feel more realistic and achievable.”


“The first session of PROJECT: Men was brilliant, it was an eye-opening experience listening to Nick Irwin and his insight into the session styling and editorial world.” Jacob Banfield, Renaissance Salon continued: “As a young passionate stylist, I have come away with more knowledge and understanding of a part of the industry which can seem a world away from the salon environment, as well as some practical advice on progressing towards my goals. Thanks to the Fellowship for British Hairdressing”. 


“Absolutely loved today’s session! It’s made me feel so excited again!” Vicky Morwood, The Bank Hairdressing agrees. “I like how creative and expressive Nick was even over zoom! I’ve learnt a lot more about been a session stylist, and what goes into the photos & research, and looking at the hair and embrace it in its natural form rather than doing too much or over doing …sometimes the more simplistic the better. “


“Thank you so much for the session! It really made me think about how to push myself creatively this year.! Paulina Stochmialek, comments: “I will be taking a lot of if not all of the advice that Nick and Ellie included in the session, not only the verbal but the attitude that they both have towards their art is incredible and very influential to me. It was a confirmation to keep pursuing what I’m most passionate about, rawness and ‘imperfections’ that turn out to fit perfectly.”


“‘After the PROJECT: Men session with Nick Irwin and Ellie Bond, I have been left inspired and hopeful of an ambitious future, with more clarity on where I want my own career to head.” Thanked Jodie Wheeler, Beepers Coventry Ltd


PROJECT: Men Team Leader:               Jonathan Andrew

PROJECT: Men Team Members:

Tristrum Curling - Sir & Co Barbers

Darren Smith - Review Hairdressing

Paulina Stochmialek

Tyler Williams - Lara Johnson Lifestyle

George Smith - Smith England

Kenneth McLeod – My Two

Jodie Wheeler - Beepers Hair Salon

George Knight - Minimal Barbering

Kim Nicole Jones – The Salon

Vicky Morwood – The Bank Hairdressing

Jacob Banfield – Renaissance Salon



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