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Winners of the Project's Mood Board Competition announced...

The Fellowship Projects were set a mood board challenge by each of their project leaders.  The prize was to ‘buddy’ up for one lucky winner from each of the projects with one of the ‘Spies in the Skies’ at the digital Spotlight event coming up on Monday 3 May.


The winners are:

Project: Men:                 George Smith who will ‘buddy’ up with Robert Masciave

Project: Colour:             Ernest Mazoniate who will ‘buddy’ up with Bruno Marc

Project: X:                      Pamela Cooney who will ‘buddy’ up with Nick Irwin

ClubStar Art Team:        Emy Roccabella who will ‘buddy’ up with Karine Jackson


Jonathan Andrew, PROJECT: Men Team Leader says: “The inspiration for the mood board was ‘Men’s hair in a decade’. I was really impressed with everyone and thought they all did an amazing job. I chose George Smith’s mood board, as I liked how he structured it as a concept for a shoot but covered all the bases of a decade and style influences.”


Sam Burnett, PROJECT: X Team Leader says: “The inspiration for the mood board was, ‘The Roaring 2020’s’.  Will we see a resurgence to 20’s fashions and hair styles or will it be a totally new modern vision that embodies the spirit of the roaring 20’s revolution?  I have chosen Pamela Cooney’s mood board to win the competition. There were a few standouts from the team, so it was close. Pamela’s though really jumped out at me as it has such clear and strong direction. I feel like Pamela really grasped the essence of the brief, encapsulating the spirit of the “Roaring 20’s” and has channelled that into well-rounded vision of the “Roaring 2020’s”.


Paul Dennison, PROJECT: Colour Team Leader says: “The inspiration of the mood board was, ‘PRISM’. I chose Ernesta Mazonaite, as I believe it was a great concept and mood board, and felt she really grasped the brief and didn’t go with the obvious.”

Karoliina Saunders, ClubStar Art Team Leader says: “The inspiration for the mood board was, ‘CHANGE’.  The world is constantly evolving. People are increasingly speaking about their rights and are driven by strong ethics and how they can make the world a better place. Our lives have changed and are changing.  The winner for this challenge for me was Emy Roccabella. She had gone deep into the subject and created a mood board including the explanation of different stages of mental health and the changes of it each stage, backed up with the ideas for the hair, and this is important.  Because when I gave the brief I asked to create a mood board with an editorial shoot in mind, how would you get your editorial team on board to understand what is your interpretation of Change you want to bring to the shoot.  If I had been part of Emy’s team I would have known exactly what she wanted to bring to the table.”





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